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More than 10 years of cleaning service experience
Wide range of services
Elevate your environment: where purity meets perfection!

Monoclean OÜ has been operating in Estonia since 2011.

We offer our customers a wide range of services

* Dry cleaning of textile products
* Washing bed linen
* Cleaning carpets, floor coverings and woven carpets
* Curtain cleaning
* Cleaning soft toys
* Cleaning wool, cotton and duvets, mattress bags and pillows
* Evening dresses
* Carnival costumes
* Wedding dress cleaning
* Cleaning of feather coats and jackets
* Cleaning of tanning leather semi-fur coats
* Sheepskin carpet, Sheepskin carpet, sheepskin
* Cleaning leather goods, cleansing the skin
* Toning leather objects
* Cleaning of fur products
* Coating suede objects with a water-repellent layer

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We offer our customers the best cleaning service

Monoclean OÜ cooperates with companies and organizations. We serve cafes, restaurants, hotels, hosts, companies using saunas, sports clubs and work clothes. We wash bed linen, tablecloths, napkins, terry towels, gowns, cookwear, medical linen and work clothes.

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Looking for dry cleaning services? Contact us and get a free online consultation for your business.

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We offer our customers a transport service.

Transport services
Fast and High Quality
Best prices

Three easy steps to work with us

Call us

You can call a car by calling 5558 6771

Step 1

We pick up

Our employee will pick up your carpet or flooring at the indicated address and also place an order.

Step 2

Me toome selle tagasi

After cleaning, we will return the carpet to a place convenient for you.

Step 3


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Dry cleaning

One of the most demanded types of service is dry cleaning of clothing. We use modern equipment, cutting-edge technology and high-quality chemical preparations of Italian and German companies. We will take care of your belongings: we remove stains, clean various types of soiling, iron and pack your belongings. Our company's guarantee is that your things look beautiful and neat.

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Puhastame nahast jopesid, mantleid, veste, kleite, pükse, parknahast poolkasukaid, nahast ja seemisnahast saapaid, kingi, botikuid, kindaid, kotte, naturaalnahast kasukaid ja mütse. Nahktoodete puhastamiseks kasutame kõrge kvaliteediga itaalia preparaate. Vajadusel või kliendi soovil on nahk- ja seemisnahast esemeid võimalik toonida. See võimaldab varjata kandmise ajal tekkinud erinevaid defekte. Keemiline puhastus taastab karusnaha loomuliku läike ning võimaldab puhastada mustusest ka voodri. Taastame seemisnahast esemete vetthülgava kihi, mis võimaldab toote loomulikku välimust kauem säilitada ja pikendab kandmise aega.

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Carpet washing

cleaning carpets and carpet products, floor coverings and small textile carpets. We clean with different quality and sized carpets. Each product shall be cleaned in an appropriate manner. Thanks to our modern equipment and professional We can offer good results for detergents. We offer our customers a transport service. You can call the car by calling 5558 6771. Our employee will come to your carpet or pick up the flooring at the indicated address and also place an order. After cleaning, we will bring the carpet to a suitable one for you on back.

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Washing service for hotels and restaurants

Monoclean OÜ cooperates with companies and companies that need washing and dry cleaning of various products Service. Deadlines and prices depend on the volume of laundry and the complexity of the order.

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Cleaning of work clothes

Monoclean OÜ offers its services to hotels, hostels, dormitories, bars, restaurants, cafes, sports clubs, medical institutions and companies using work clothes. This service is necessary for large and small to companies, as the employee's clothes must be tidy and clean. We wash special clothes for laundries professional detergents that remove various types of soiling, give freshness, restore color and its alertness. If necessary, we will repair your work clothes. Our main task is that you and your company are satisfied with our work and The clothes of your employees would serve them for many years.

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